Sola scriptura. O que é sola scriptura?

Rather, sola scriptura gives us a solid foundation on which to base church traditions.

The Origins of Sola Scriptura During the 16 th century, several pastors and leaders stepped forward to challenge various forms of corruption and abuse they were seeing in the Roman Catholic church.


Augustine of Hippo AD 354-430 : Let them show their church if they can, not by the speeches and mumblings of the Africans, not by the councils of their bishops, not by the writings of any of their champions, not by fraudulent signs and wonders, because we have been prepared and made cautious also against these things by the Word of the Lord. Moreover, we have nothing in the Bible to suggest that we need something in addition to Scripture. For Calvin, the decision is not life changing because both would refer to Scripture.


Retrieved 14 November 2021. For centuries the Roman Catholic Church had made its traditions superior in authority to the Bible.

San Francisco: Ignatius, 1988. If the apostles were the supreme authority, then the Bereans would have been considered unbelieving for trying to interpret the Bible by themselves—apart from the interpretation and instruction of the apostles.

The Catholic Church distinguishes Sacred Tradition from traditions - local customs that may be retained, modified or even abandoned. This prophecy, which is considered to be "God's word", was passed down orally rather than through scripture.