Lucas hiatus. NCT's Lucas apologizes to fans after ex

Apparently, the show was edited in a way that would make him look like a fool. He was born in Hong Kong, China, on January 25, 1999. Its the same with the sports analogy: a starting player gets injured, rehabilitate, then if the condition is good and optimal to the group's performance, then they are allowed to play again.


All this havoc around the corner has left his fans wondering especially the international fans whether he is still a member of NCT or not. She said she met him at a fan sign and they connected.

Lucas accused of gaslighting OP accused of exploitation even after they had broken up as she claims that he started asking her to book hotel rooms under her name, buy him what he needed and told her that he could not use his credit card as he was famous. Following her accusation, however, two more Chinese fans brought similar allegations to the fore, claiming the K-pop star cheated on them.

But there was no clarification provided by the SM Entertainment company regarding his association with NCT whether he will stay or quit in the end.


As much as fans trust , they have lost hope in his label who has remained tight-lipped about the situation while fans have been bending over backward to prove that their idol was not in the wrong the entire time. Dimulai dari tidak ada namanya di merchandise dan ketidakhadirannya di comeback. You failed at protecting your artists.

Your contribution in has been automatically removed because you either do not meet the minimum karma requirements to post in , or because your account is less than 7 days old. Even though the accusations were faked, as proved by his fans, NCT's label SM Entertainment did not feature him in the recently released 'Season's Greeting' merchandise. The singer, 22, made an apology on Wednesday, two days after the allegation was first raised.


It was wrong and irresponsible and I betrayed my loving and supportive fans," wrote the 22-year-old rapper of Thai and Chinese descent, who was born in Hong Kong.