Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking Weave

I’ve invited 3 people but I still cannot weave?

You need to use your unique 'add' link and send it to a friend who has never used timeweave before. That friend has to then create an account USING THAT LINK or it will not register as an invite. You will also have to restart the app for the changes to show. If you’re having trouble then contact us on Facebook!

Import timetable

I’ve changed my timetable but it’s not showing up on timeweave?

You will have to delete and re-import your calendar if you ever make any changes to your timetable. Timeweave would need to store your university credentials to be able to live update your calendar and we do not store university credentials for security reasons.

My university isn’t on there, can I add in my own calendar?

Unfortunately you can only import your timetable from the university list provided. We have to build a new importer for each university and it's hard work!. You can vote for your university to be added in next here. We do have plans to be able to add in ‘custom events’ in the future but we’re currently focussing on keeping the app alive as we have lots of bills to pay! If you know anyone that could help us out in creating new importers then we are more than welcome!

Why can't I import my timetable?

Timeweave uses your university's website to import your timetable. If the university website is down for some reason (eg. scheduled maintenance) then you will not be able to import your timetable. Some wifi networks also have firewalls that block your connection to the importer.

I tried to import but it says “Internal Server Error”?

This means the importer is having trouble recognising your timetable. Contact us and let us know so we can fix it!

My classes are showing up at strange times like 1am?

Check out on a desktop to see if it shows correctly on there. If it does show correctly on there then your mobile has a timezone issue, and may need the browser data cleared then restart your phone. If it is showing incorrectly on the desktop too then re-import your timetable. Any further issues then let us know!

Facebook integration

I’m having trouble linking my facebook account, what do I do?

Your timeweave email needs to be the same as your facebook primary email to link with facebook (this is because Timeweave uses the email as your account ID). The quickest solution is to create a new timeweave account by logging in with facebook, then let us know so we can delete your old account. Alternatively you can change your facebook primary email to your timeweave account email so that you can link them (you will need to verify your new facebook email first).

It says facebook email not verified or no facebook email provided, what do I do?

You will need to login to facebook, change your primary contact to an email - facebook will then send you a verification email. After you have verified this email the issue should be solved.


How does timeweave work?

Timeweave is a social platform for all your friends timetables. It uses your university credentials once to import your timetable from your university’s website and can be easily compared and shared with friends

Is it safe to enter my university credentials?

Timeweave uses SSL to encrypt all data sent to and from the server to protect the information from hackers. Your credentials are not stored in any form as a security measure.

Who can see my timetable?

Only your timeweave friends can see your timetable. You have full control of who can see your timetable.

How do I find and compare a friend's timetable to mine?

You can invite a friend to timeweave or find friends using our simple tools. Once your friend has joined, add them on timeweave and tap on their name. Tap on “Weave” and it will do a side-by-side comparison of you and your friends timetable!

All my friends disappeared and my weave is locked again?

Timeweave uses your email as the unique identifier for your account, if you created your account with facebook this is your facebook email. If you change your facebook email, it will create a new account. To switch back to your old account just contact us!

How can I delete my account/change my email/change my name?

Contact us and we can delete/modify your account accordingly.

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